The difference between the offspring of Is-haq and Isma`il

A: All prophets of the Children of Israel are all from the offspring of Is-haq, the son of Ibrahim (peace be upon them both) and the last of them is Jesus, the son of Mary (peace be upon him). Israel is the nickname of Ya`qub (Jacob), the son of Is-haq (peace be upon them both). As for the offspring of Isma`il (peace be upon him), they are the Arabs who adopted the faith of their father Ibrahim (peace be upon him), until polytheism was spread among them by `Amr ibn Luhay Al-Khuza`y. At that point, Allah sent the seal and the finest of Prophets; Muhammad (peace be upon him) and made his mission general for both Jinn and mankind. His legislation abrogates all previous legislations till the Day of Resurrection.