Starting a medical center business

Q: I submitted an application to the Directorate of Health Affairs in `Asir to get a license to open a private clinic in Mahayil `Asir. I submitted this application after making sure of the hopeful success of the project, especially that I intend to offer a good service, which is not available in the medical private sector. Also, I will exert myself to offer a sincere job for the Sake of Allah. After getting a temporary license, one of my relatives told me that this clinic is not appropriate from the Shari`ah (Islamic law) perspective. As it would, at the very least, open the door to intermingling between men and women, such as female nurses and patients. Accordingly, I hope your Eminence will give me a Fatwa about whether the income of the clinic would be lawful according to Shari`ah or not. (Part No. 24; Page No. 399) What is the opinion of your Eminence regarding this issue? What do you advise me to do? It is worth mentioning that the clinic would serve the people of the district. I will not open it until I receive a Fatwa about the permissibility of opening it according to Shari`ah. Please advise!

A: You can open the clinic and make a section for women run by female doctors and another section for men run by male doctors, on the condition that there would not be intermingling between men and women. Only then, there would be no objection to opening the clinic. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.