Some person received money from a pilgrim to offer a Hady on his behalf but he intended to fast, where he fasted some days

Q: I went to offer Tamattu` Hajj (`Umrah during the months of Hajj followed by Hajj in the same year with a break in between) with a group of people, but during Tawaf-ul-Qudum (circumambulation of the Ka`bah on arrival in Makkah) I lost most of my money except 550 riyals. I gave the remaining money to someone to preserve them. However, while we were offering the rituals of Hajj, I said to him, "You and I are obligated to offer Hady (sacrificial animal offered by pilgrims) and I authorize you (Part No. 10; Page No. 412) to do on my behalf the same as what you will do for yourself and the money is with you. If you pay the bank or offer a slaughtered animal, do the same for me whether I am with you or not." I said this out of fear of being separated and he agreed. Then, during Tawaf-ul-Ifadah (final obligatory circumambulation of the Ka`bah in Hajj) we were separated because of the crowd. This happened before sacrificing the Hady and I passed all the Days of Tashriq (11th, 12th and 13th of Dhul-Hijjah) searching for him, but I did not find him and the money was with him. I returned home to Tabuk on Sunday and he came back after me. I asked him about the Hady but he said that he did not sacrifice for me.Explain to me what I should do because I did what was required upon myself before Allah and authorized him. May Allah reward you with the best!

A: It is incumbent on you to slaughter the Hady in Makkah and do the same with its meat as if you are on the Days of Tashriq. The Hady was required of you, so it is obligatory to carry it out. You should hasten to do that yourself or authorize a trustworthy person.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.