Some Imams hold the view that a

Q: Is it necessary to place a Sutrah (barrier placed in front of a person praying) in an established Masjid (mosque) which contains a Minbar (pulpit), pillars and a niche in front of the Imam (leader of congregational Prayer)? Is the Minbar enough, or must one place a Sutrah for the Imam?

A: Taking a Sutrah is a Sunnah (supererogatory act of worship following the example of the Prophet), whether a person is offering Salah in the Masjid or anywhere else; an Imam or one offering Salah alone; or whether it is a Fard (obligatory) or Nafilah (supererogatory) Salah. It is enough to offer Salah close to a wall of the Masjid, one of its pillars or the Minbar, so that the space between the person and the Minbar, the wall or the pillar is approximately three arms length. Thus, people will know that they are offering Salah and will not pass in front of them.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.