Ruling on the Muslim who refuses to pay Zakah

Q 3: What is the ruling on a man who testifies that there is no God but Allah and offers the Salah (prayer), but does not pay the Zakah? As this person refuses to pay the Zakah, should Funeral Prayer be offered for them when they die?

A: Zakah is one of the pillars of Islam and if one gives it up, denying that it is obligatory, then its rulings should be explained to them. If however they still refuse to pay the Zakah, they are considered to be a disbeliever and after they die, Funeral Prayer should not be offered for them nor should they be buried in the Muslim graveyards. However, if one abandons paying Zakah out of miserliness while believing that it is a religious obligation, they will be committing a major sin, but they are not to be considered disbelievers. If they die in this case, their body should be washed and the Funeral Prayer should be offered for them, and Allah may punish or forgive them on the Day of Resurrection. (Part No. 9; Page No. 185) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.