Repeating the performance of Salat-ul-`Eid in consecutive congregations in the same Musalla

Q: Out of necessity, we were compelled to offer Salat-ul-`Eid (the Festival Prayer) more than once in one Masjid (mosque). The worshippers were more than seven thousand, a great number (Part No. 7; Page No. 152) that is beyond the capacity of the Masjid along with its spacious courtyard. I was asked about the Shari`ah (Islamic law) ruling on repeating the congregational Salah (Prayer) in one place under the leadership of multiple Imams (those persons who lead congregational Prayer). This means assigning three Imams, for example, for three times of Salat-ul-`Eid; one to lead the first Salah, another to lead the second Salah one hour later, and the third to lead the third Salah one hour after the second. Referring to the book of Al-Mughny and other Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) books, I could not find a single opinion of scholars on the permissibility of repeating the congregational Salah unless one makes up for a missed Salah (kindly, refer to Al-Mughny, vol. 2, p. 390). I know no classic Fiqh scholar whatsoever who viewed the permissibility of organizing the performance of congregational Salah, such as Salat-ul-`Eid, by repeating it in one place under the leadership of multiple Imams. Please, bear in mind that it is impossible to provide a safe Musalla (place for Prayer) outside or inside the city. Moreover, I was informed that Muslims in non-Muslim cities as London repeat the congregational Salah three times or more in one place. Please, inform me about the preponderant opinion.

A: It is impermissible to repeat the performance of Salat-ul-`Eid in consecutive congregations as this is a newly-invented practice (in Islam). In this regard, the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated: Whoever introduces anything into this affair of ours (Islam) that is not of it will have it rejected. Accordingly, every group should offer Salat-ul-`Eid in the respective Masjid in which they offer Jumu`ah (Friday) Prayer, if it is unfeasible to provide a place in which everyone can offer Salat-ul-`Eid only once. (Part No. 7; Page No. 153) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.