Reciting the Qur'an on evening shows which are held during Ramadan

Q: I am a Qur'an reciter and I participate in evening shows during Ramadan. The fee that I receive is not more than twenty Egyptian pounds for one show, including the expenses of the speaker. However, one of my colleagues told me that the recitation that I do is Haram (prohibited) and accordingly the fee that I receive is Haram. He quoted in support of his view the Hadith of the Prophet (peace be upon him): Recite the Qur'an but do not use it as a means of obtaining worldly benefits or earning your living. - What is the ruling on this?- Is the Hadith referred to above Sahih (authentic)?- What is the ruling on reciting on condition that one receives a certain fee?- What is the ruling on reciting Qur'an on evening shows that are held in Ramadan?- Is the reciter considered sinful for participating in such shows?

A: This act that you do is not permissible. This is because it is considered Bid`ah (innovation in religion) and a way of helping others in sin and transgression. Moreover, it is Haram to receive a fee for reciting Qur'an on such shows that propagate Bid`ah, or on behalf of deceased people. (Part No. 3; Page No. 117) As for the Hadith in question, Al-Hafizh in his Book Al-Fath declared it as being reported by Ahmad and Abu Ya`la through a strong Sanad (chain of narrators).Therefore, you must make Tawbah (repentance to Allah), give up reciting Qur'an in such shows, and draw closer to Allah by reciting Qur'an in the Mashru` (Islamic legal) way. Verily, whoever leaves something for Sake of Allah, He (Exalted be He) will compensate them with something better than what they left.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.