Reciting certain Surahs after `Asr Prayer

Q 6: What is the ruling on reciting some Surahs of the Qur'an each day after the Adhan (call to Prayer) of `Asr Prayer and before the Iqamah (call to start the Prayer)?

A: Reciting specific Surahs out loud after the Adhan of `Asr Prayer is a Bid`ah (innovation in religion) and baseless. Every Bid`ah (rejected innovation) is misguidance. Between the Adhan and Iqamah, a Muslim should recite inaudibly whatever he can easily recite from the Qur'an, offer Nafilah (supererogatory prayer), remember Allah by Tasbih (saying: "Subhan Allah [Glory be to Allah]"), Tahlil (saying: "La ilaha illa Allah [There is no God except Allah]"), Tahmid (saying: "Al-hamdu lillah [All praise is due to Allah]"), Takbir (saying: "Allahu Akbar [Allah is the Greatest]") and make Istighfar (seeking forgiveness from Allah).May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.