Quackery and deceiving people

Q: There is a person in Yemen, particularly in the governorate of Ta`iz, named Ahmad Hasan `Abdul-Rahman Al-Shar`aby. He claims that he is your student and that you have allowed him to practice Ruqyah (reciting Qur'an and saying supplications over the sick seeking healing). However, the people have noticed that he does the following:1. He gives his patients oil or salve, which he claims to bring from India, and sells it to them at a high price. He claims that it resists Sihr (sorcery) and Jinn (creatures created from fire) possession. (Part No. 1; Page No. 227) 2. He takes gold from some patients, claiming that he will recite Qur'an over it to repel the Jinn but on the condition of not giving it back to the patients because the Jinn will take it.3. We would like to inform you that he lived in Saudi Arabia, Madinah, and left during the Gulf crisis in 1411 AH, corresponding to 1991 AD.How should we - the seekers of knowledge - act toward this man and the likes of him?

A: The above-mentioned methods of treatment, whether prescribed by this person or anyone else, are not Islamically lawful. In fact, they are a way of swindling and deceiving the people. It is, thus, obligatory to advise such practitioners, warn the people against their evils, and refer their case to the Shari`ah Court to apply the rulings of Shari`ah (Islamic law) to them.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.