Purchaser paying the rest of the price to the seller after abstaining from paying it

Q: I was working in the Northern Province in 1398 AH and I bought a car from an agency for 26,600 riyals. I paid 20,000 riyals and asked for a two month extension for the remaining 6,600 riyals. After the two months elapsed, I had an evil idea not to pay the rest of the money. Later on, my employer moved to (Part No. 14; Page No. 22) the Southern Province, but I kept feeling uncomfortable for not paying the remaining money. I was discharged from work in 1405 AH and went to Riyadh to receive my financial dues. Then I traveled directly from Riyadh to the Northern Province to see the agency owner. When I arrived at the agency, I was told that he had closed it and owned a gold shop in the town. I went to the town looking for him but I was told that the gold business is owned by his brother while he had a workshop in another street, but he was abroad at the time. I returned to the airport with the money in my pocket and traveled to Jeddah and later to the south. I do not know his exact address and cannot face him, fearing he may be aggressive with me. In the beginning, I was determined to find him and searched for him but I did not find him. Please guide me to the correct action in this regard. May Allah reward you.

A: You can easily get his address from his brother, the owner of the gold shop, whom you mentioned and you must send him the money, even through a bank. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.