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Prohibition of adding usurious interests to the inheritance

Q: My son was involved in an accident when he was three years old, which resulted in a severe trauma to his head and brain damage. He remained in a coma for six years, until he finally died when he was nine years old. We referred the case to the relevant authority and, after five years, it ended with reconciliation, provided the culprit pays a certain amount of compensation. The court decided that the amount should be reserved for me in a joint account in my name in America under the trusteeship (Part No. 16; Page No. 455) of the court, according to the system they follow there. After my son died, the money was transferred to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with an additional amount that they say is the interest. After receiving the money, I kept the interest in a separate account away from the original sum.My questions now are:1. Does the original sum belong to me alone or does it fall under the ruling of inheritance? It is worth mentioning that I share my money with my brother. Is this money to be included in our joint property?2. What should I do with the additional sum, should I add it to the original amount or give it away? If I should, what are its spending channels? I want to stress that I did not ask for the original money to be kept in an interest-bearing account. Please advise me, may Allah enlighten you and enlighten others through you!

A: Firstly: The money paid for your son’s injury is considered a part of his inheritance and should be distributed among his lawful heirs. Secondly: the usurious interest that was added to the money while it was overseas is Riba (usury) that you must dispose of by spending it on charitable works. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.