People loving one another for the sake of Allah but in an exaggerated manner

Q 2: There is a practice that has spread among committed Muslim women and we would like to know (Part No. 1; Page No. 472) the ruling on it, namely, women's excessive love for one another. A woman may exceed the proper limits in loving her Muslim sister. For example, she imitates her style of clothing, sacrifices her life for her, engraves her name on jewelry, visits her frequently, talks with her daily on the phone for hours, and may feel deeply upset if she does not see her. Women claim that this is love for the Sake of Allah (Exalted be He). We hope Your Eminence will explain the ruling on this and the meaning of loving for the Sake of Allah. It is worth mentioning that this practice is common among women. Allah is the One sought for help.

A: Love for the Sake of Allah is one of the strongest expressions of Iman (faith). Those who love each other for the Sake of Allah will be shaded with His Shade on the Day of Resurrection - as authentically reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is a good deed to love someone for the Sake of Allah because it means loving those whom Allah loves, namely, the pious people. A person is loved for the Sake of Allah when they fulfill the Rights of Allah and His Servants, and hold fast to Shari`ah (Islamic law). They are not loved because of their family status, lineage, beauty, wealth or any other worldly privilege. An indication of the sincerity of this love is that when the person being loved for the Sake of Allah disobeys Allah, this love diminishes according to the gravity of the sin and is replaced with anger for the Sake of Allah and respect for His Sanctities. On the other hand, it is not love for the Sake of Allah to exceed the proper limits in loving someone, be attached to them to the extent of not being able to part with them, or admire them so much. In fact, it indicates a defect in Tawhid (belief in the Oneness of Allah), and attachment of one's heart (Part No. 1; Page No. 473) to other than Allah, which may lead to committing acts forbidden by Allah. Accordingly, it is unacceptable and should be avoided.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions.