My paternal aunt gave me a sum to perform Hajj on her behalf

Q : My paternal aunt gave me a sum of forty thousand riyals (40.000) to keep as a trust and said to me: Spend a sum of it on performing Hajj on my behalf. I asked her what to do with the rest of the sum and she said: Do with it as you wish. Now, she is very old and lacks sound reason and judgment, as she is unaware of things. I feel confused about the sum: Is it permissible for me to spend it in some charitable acts so that she may have the reward of it, or this is not permissible for me, as it should belong to her heirs after her death? I do not know what she meant when she said: Do with it as you wish, and I am unable to verify her intention now.

A: You should perform Hajj for her as she requested you, if you have not already carried it out. You should then spend the rest of the sum in the proper manner to cover her living expenses, if she needs this. After that you should preserve the remaining sum to be added to her inheritance after her death. May Allah grant us all success to do what is most pleasing to Him.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and his Companions.