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Q: (a) My wife and I performed the obligatory duty of Hajj in the past, making the intention to perform Tamattu‘ Hajj (combining Hajj and ‘Umrah with a break in between). We offered a sacrifice in Makkah, but I do not know whether we offered one or two sacrifices, and now I feel uncertain about it. What should I do in this situation? (b) I performed Hajj a second time on behalf of a deceased person and received money for this. Was my Hajj correct on behalf of that person or not?

A: (a) If the reality is as you mentioned, then you have to slaughter another sheep as a sacrifice or participate with others and sacrifice one seventh of a cow or a camel, because the second sacrifice you are uncertain about is invalid. You have to slaughter another sacrificial animal in Makkah, the Honored, or any place in Al-Haram (all areas within the Sacred Sanctuary of Makkah) with the intention that this sacrifice is on behalf of whichever one of you did not slaughter a sacrificial animal before.(b) If the reality is as you mentioned, your performance of Hajj on behalf of the person you mentioned is valid, providing that you performed it in the way prescribed by Shari‘ah (Islamic law).May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.