My grandfather died without making

Q: My father suffered a severe illness at the beginning of Sha`ban. Later, Ramadan came with no change in my father's condition, as he was unable to eat and only drank water and coffee. He observed Sawm (Fast) on six days of Ramadan during which he did not eat, but drank water and coffee. Some of the benevolent people including his brothers and his wife urged him to break his Sawm, for he had a legal excuse i.e. severe illness. He said to them that there was no way for him to break his Sawm. After a lot of persuasion on the part of his wife that she would make up for his missed days if he died, he consented to break his Sawm complying with his family's wish lest Sawm should affect his health. He broke his Sawm for the rest of Ramadan, and on the first day of `Eid, the right side of his body was totally paralyzed including his foot and arms, and ten days later my father died. Now, is my mother obliged to fast these missed days of Ramadan on behalf of my father according to her promise to him? Please, send the answer in a written form knowing that she lives in Yemen and I am a resident of Riyadh. I hope I can convince her with your Fatwa. May Allah guide you to benefit all Muslims.

A: If the state is as you mentioned; your father is excused in breaking Sawm due to his severe illness, and he is not obliged to make up for the missed days of Ramadan or to pay Fidyah (ransom), because he died in the period of his illness. Furthermore, your mother is not obliged to make up for these missed days or to pay Fidyah (Part No. 10; Page No. 379) even if she made a promise to him, because there is no obligation on your father to make up for the missed days or to pay Fidyah.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.