Modifying the intention when performing Hajj

Q 1: I am a Saudi woman who performed obligatory Hajj (pilgrimage) some years ago. During my Hajj, the day of standing at `Arafah coincided with Friday. After one or two years it was said to me: Next year, Hajj will coincide with Monday, and according to a Hadith attributed to the Messenger (peace be upon him): Whoever performs Hajj twice and his standing at 'Arafah coincides with Friday and Monday, the reward of his Hajj will be equal to the reward of a hundred times of Hajj wherein standing at 'Arafah occurs on a day other than these two days. Therefore, I desired to obtain this great reward, and I set out to perform Hajj. On the way to Hajj, it was said to us: Hajj will not coincide with Monday as we were expecting. Then I asked: Is it allowed for me to change my intention of Hajj and make it on behalf on my late father who was killed before he could perform Hajj? I was informed that there is no prohibition to do that, and therefore, I made the intention of Hajj to be on behalf of my father in the place of his obligatory Hajj. However, I am in doubt regarding the legality of modifying the intention. I also authorized one of my Mahrams (spouses or unmarriageable relative) to throw the pebbles at the Jamarat (stone pillars marking the pebble-throwing area, Jamarat-ul-`Aqabah being the closest to Makkah) after I had thrown them the first time. My questions are as follows:1- What is your Eminence's opinion regarding modifying the intention of Hajj to be on behalf of my late father? (Part No. 10; Page No. 121) 2- If you have any comments, please guide me to what I should do.3- What is your Eminence's view regarding authorizing one of my Mahrams to throw the pebbles after my initial throwing of them in the first time? 4- Please provide me with a correct opinion concerning what I should do, keeping in mind that I performed Hajj twice some years ago.

A: First: We have not come across any authentic Hadith from the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) regarding a special virtue of the Hajj which coincides with Friday and Monday, except that Friday is a weekly feast for Muslims. If Hajj falls on it, then it will conform to the Hajj of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Thus, whoever performs Hajj on this day will obtain the virtue of Friday, the virtue of the Day of `Arafah, and the virtue of conforming to the Hajj of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Second: It is allowed to modify the intention when performing Hajj, from being on yourself to performing it on behalf of your father, as long as this modification of intention takes place before making Ihram (ritual state for Hajj or `Umrah) of Hajj for yourself. But, if the change of intention happened after making Ihram of Hajj for yourself, then this Hajj will not be counted as being on behalf of your father; rather, it will count as Hajj on your behalf. We pray to Allah to accept it from you. Third: It is allowed for you to authorize your Mahram to throw the pebbles on your behalf, if it is very hard for you to throw them.