Menstrual bleeding resuming after it stopped and intercourse took place

Q 3: My wife menstruated for two days, then blood stopped on the third day on which I had sexual intercourse with her. On the fifth day, menstrual bleeding resumed. What is the ruling on this? May Allah grant you long life and bless you.

A: The days on which your wife sees signs of complete Tuhr (purity from menses signaled by white discharge or complete cessation of bleeding), even if they are during her menstruation cycle, she is considered to be Tahir (ritually pure) during them. Accordingly, if she takes after-menstruation Ghusl (full ritual bath), it is lawful for you to have sexual intercourse with her. She is permitted to perform Salah (Prayer) and observe Sawm (Fast) if no blood is discharged for a whole day or more. However, if the bleeding resumed during her menstruation period, the rulings of menstruation apply to her again. Consequently, it is unlawful for you to have sexual intercourse with her, and she is prohibited from observing Sawm during that period.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.