Men wearing white gold

Q: It has become common among some people, especially men, to use what is called white gold, which is used to make watches, rings, pens, and so on. After asking the jewelers and goldsmiths, we found out that white gold is actually the well-known yellow gold, to which five to ten percent of a certain metal has been added to change its color from yellow to white, or to some other color, which makes it look like another kind of metal. The use of white gold has recently become very widespread, and many people are confused about using it. We hope your Eminence would give a Fatwa about the ruling on using white gold; may Allah reward you with the best for serving Islam (Part No. 24; Page No. 61) and the Muslims!

A: If the reality is as you have mentioned, the gold which is mixed with other metals still comes under the ruling that it is Haram (prohibited) to sell it for gold of the same type, on the spot, but in excess; and the exchange must take place in one sitting, whether it is sold for gold of the same type or for silver or cash. It is also Haram for men to wear it, and it is Haram to make vessels out of it. Calling it white gold does not change these rulings.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.