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Men wearing a golden wedding ring

Q 1: What is the ruling of Shari`ah (islamic law) on wearing gold wedding rings? It may be worth mentioning (Part No. 24; Page No. 57) that such rings are not used for ornamentation; rather it is a customary practice in some Muslim countries that married men usually wear gold wedding rings.

A: It is generally Haram (prohibited) for men to wear gold rings, whether they are wedding rings or any other types of gold rings. This is so whether or not wearing a specific gold ring is considered a custom. The evidence for the foregoing is the Hadith which is mentioned in the answer to question number three. Moreover, the custom of wearing gold wedding rings by men is considered a Bid`ah (innovation in religion) and a manifestation of imitating Kafirs (disbelievers). The Prophet (peace be upon him) has warned against imitating Kafirs by saying: "Anyone who copies any people is one of them." He (peace be upon him) also said: "Anyone who innovates things in our affairs (i.e. Religion) for which there is no valid (reason), these are to be rejected." Q 3: Some scholars have given a Fatwa (legal opinion issued by a qualified Muslim scholar) that wearing gold is entirely Haram with regard to both men and women, is this correct? May Allah reward you! A: Wearing gold is Halal (lawful) for women but Haram for men. Proof for this is a Hadith which was related by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Al-Nasa'y, Al-Tirmidhy who ranked it as Sahih (authentic), and Al-Hakim who also ranked it as Sahih on the authority of Abu Musa Al-Ash`ary (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Gold and silk are permitted for the females of my Ummah (nation based on one creed) but prohibited for its males." Another proof is what was related by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Al-Nasa'y, and Ibn Majah on the authority of `Aly (may Allah be pleased with him) who narrated: The Prophet (peace be upon him) took silk and held it in his right hand, and took gold and held it in his left hand, and said: Both of these are prohibited for the males of my Ummah. It was added by Ibn Majah: ...But lawful for the females among them. (Part No. 24; Page No. 58) Imam Al-Nasa'y clarified that there was a disagreement on accepting narrations which were reported by Zayd ibn Abu Habib (one of the narrators of the previous Hadith), but Al-Hafizh commented: "Such disagreement does not cause any harm." The same Hadith was, any way, reported by other chains of narrators.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.