Is there Zakah on the grant given to one if he intends to sell it?

Q: I have a residential land, which is a grant from the ruler (may Allah safeguard him). It has been in my possession for more than five years and I do not know if Zakah (obligatory charity) is due on it. However, some people claim that Zakah is due on it. To ensure that I am not liable, I would like (Part No. 8; Page No. 112

A: If you do not want to sell it and intend to build on it, then no Zakah is due. The ruling is the same if you are undecided whether to sell or retain it. However, if you intend decisively to sell it, you should count the Hawl (one lunar year calculated from the time a property reaches the minimum amount upon which Zakah is due) from the time when your intention to do so.After the passing of the Hawl from this time, you should pay the due Zakah according to the value estimated upon the completion of the Hawl every year.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.