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Is memorizing the Qur''an obligatory

Q 2: Is it obligatory to study Islamic studies?

A: Religious knowledge is of two types: 1- Knowledge that is obligatory upon every Muslim, male or female. It contains the knowledge of `Aqidah (creed) and acts of worship. This type of knowledge can not be overlooked such as the essence of Tawhid (monotheism) and the danger of polytheism, the articles of faith, and the pillars of Islam, the proper manner of Salah, Wudu' (ablution), and Ghusl of Janabah (bathing for major ritual impurity related to sexual discharge). This is the interpretation of the famous Hadith: “Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim.” (Part No. 12; Page No. 91)  2. Knowledge that is collective duty. This kind includes the comprehensive awareness of all religious sciences and the details and proofs of issues. When some Muslims undertake this duty, the others are exempted from it and sin is removed from all.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.