Is it permissible for a male Muslim

Q: I hear the Adhan (call) to Fajr (Dawn) Prayer but I do not go to perform it at the Masjid (mosque) because I feel shy from the people. To be more clear, I feel that if I go to perform Fajr Prayer at the Masjid; people will mock me and say: "This is a young man; how can he pray?" I think that some other strange things might happen if I perform Salah (Prayer) with the congregation. Anyway, I get up when the sun rises and perform the Salah. Is doing so permissible? Provide me with your beneficial answer please. May Allah benefit you.

A: It is Wajib (obligatory) on you to perform all the Fard (obligatory, based on a definitive text) prayers at the Masjid with the congregation. Your feeling that people will mock you or any other strange feelings you might have must not prevent you from performing Salah with the congregation. All such feelings are nothing but whispers of Satan that he uses to take you away from performing congregational Salah. On the other hand, performing Salah after the expiry of its time is Haram (prohibited).May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.