1. Introduction:

1.1. This privacy policy has been written to clearly show our commitment to our visitors’ privacy. The following lines reveal the ways by which al-feqh collects and uses information

2.1.  al-feqh collects visitors’ information in 2 ways:

  1. Automatically collected information by the hosting Webserver, like all Internet sites
  2. The registration information provided voluntarily by the visitors to the site, such as in "Mailing list", "Contact us", etc.

  1. Automatically Collected Information:

2.1 The Internet Webserver automatically records some visitors’ information. These include the time and date of the visit, the IP of the visitor, the name of the Internet browser, the operating system, the country, the referrer URL.

2.2. The information available to al-feqh like those available to any other website, is summarized and non-personal. It allows us to improve the site’s content to fit our visitors’ needs. At the same time, it helps us to customize the contents for our visitors.

  1. Registration Forms:

3.1. The information we are voluntarily given through various site forms allow us to help our visitors by providing valuable information and being able to contact them. At the same time, it helps us to improve the site’s contents to fit the needs of our visitors.

3.2. Some of these forms require that our visitors provide us with personally identifiable information (like name, e-mail, phone and fax, gender and age). The information collected through these forms is used solely to answer questions from the visitors and to contact them when it is necessary.

3.3. Under no circumstances, except via judicial subpoena, shall this information be presented or sold to a third party, whether advertisers, funding sources, or otherwise. It is possible to provide advertisers with summarized statistical information, in aggregate form, through which there is absolutely no way the identity of our visitors can be revealed. No personally identifiable information will be given to a third party whatsoever, under any condition, and this includes, without limitation, advertisers and funding sources.

  1. External Links:

4.1. This site contains links to external sites. al-feqh is not responsible for the privacy policy practiced on these sites nor its content.

4.2. This site contains links to sites that offer tracking services. al-feqh is not responsible for the privacy policy of these sites, and has no control over the way these sites will (are) use (ing) the collected information.

By visiting and using our site, al-feqh gives you the right to use the services of such sites, but at the same time it is free from the responsibility of the tracking sites’ deeds.

  1. Information Security:

5.1. al-feqh provides information security measures against loss, abuse, or content modification. This is assured by the fact that only a few authorized and trusted persons deal with this information. Regular backup copies are made and saved in a safe place.

  1. al-feqh mailing list:

6.1 al-feqh, from time to time, will send out a mailing list, via email, with information about the site’s updates.

By using the site's service, you consent to receive these emails. Please understand that our free services are supported by your acceptance to receive these emails. If you have any complaints, please send an email to info@islamkingdom.com or use the "Contact us" page.

6.2. We do not send spam advertising emails or spam postings to our mailing lists or groups, because it encroaches on a person’s privacy, annoys people, and wastes their time and money, and we ask our site's fans NOT to do this either.

  1. Modification of Information:

7.1. You can email us to modify your information. Send an email to:


  1. Contacting the site:

8.1. Use the "Contact us" page.