I present these commodities

The second and third questions of Fatwa no. 7520 A broker works in a company which gives him a fixed salary. He is a broker between this company and another one; he buys some machines from this company for a commission. It should be noted that he does not ask for this commission from the employer, but the owner of the company pays it to him. (Part No. 13; Page No. 126) Is it lawful to take this commission? I appreciate your guidance. May Allah guide you.

A: Since this broker receives a monthly salary from the company in which he works, it is impermissible to take commission from the other company in return for buying some products for the company in which he works. There is a possibility of being unjust with the company in which he works and the price and quality of the product he buys for this company are more likely to be negatively affected.