Helping one's sons financially in order to cover the expenses of marriage, as a financial duty

Q: I have a large family, all praise be to Allah. (Part No. 16; Page No. 227) I helped one of my sons with his marriage. Must I help all the other children in the same way that I helped him and give to each of my daughters half that, so I can avoid falling into sin due to not being fair and treating them equal? If I cannot afford to do that, should the son I helped repay what I gave him, bearing in mind that he now earns a good monthly income? Please advise me, may Allah reward you with the best!

A: It is obligatory for you, if you are able, to help your children, both your sons and daughters, to get married when they reach the suitable age. You do not have to give your other sons the same as you gave him all at once. However, if one of the other sons needs help to get married, you should offer it, as this comes under the heading of their Nafaqah (obligatory financial support) that has to be given according to need and necessity; it is not regarded as an absolute gift. Women are usually given a Mahr (mandatory gift to a bride from her groom) before marriage, so your daughters’ needs are not the same as those of your sons’. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.