Hady offered for Tamattu` Hajj

Q: I performed the rituals of ‘Umrah (lesser pilgrimage) in Shawwal 1395 A.H., after that I went back to my own country. Since I have decided, In sha’a-Allah (if Allah wills), to perform the obligatory Hajj this year, 1395 A.H., will I be required to offer a Fidyah (ransom for a willful violation of a prohibition or obligation while in the ritual state for Hajj and ‘Umrah) or not? May Allah reward you with the best.

A: The majority of Fuqaha’ (Muslim jurists) are of the opinion that you do not have to offer a Hady (sacrificial animal offered by pilgrims), because you did not perform ‘Umrah followed by Hajj during the months of Hajj in the same journey (i.e. Tamattu‘ Hajj). According to your statements, you returned to your country after having performed ‘Umrah in Shawwal 1395 A.H. And you did not stay in Makkah until you performed Hajj.However, some Fuqaha’ are of the opinion that you have to offer a Hady if you performed Hajj in the same year, even if you returned to your own town, country, or to an even further place, because of the general meaning of Allah’s Saying: Then if you are in safety and whosoever performs the ‘Umrah in the months of Hajj, before (performing) the Hajj, (i.e. Hajj-at-Tamattu‘ and Al-Qirân), he must slaughter a Hady such as he can afford But the ruling applied and acted upon in this regard is based on the view of the Jumhur (dominant majority of scholars), which says that it is not obligatory to offer a Hady in this case. (Part No. 11; Page No. 367) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions.