Giving wages in charity on behalf of its owner

Q 1: I came to Riyadh to visit an eye hospital. In the afternoon, I found a taxi driver at the door. I said to him: I want to go to the nearest restaurant. He dropped me off at the nearest restaurant and I gave him five Riyals. He said: I want ten Riyals. I said to him: If you had run the meter, it would have only counted five. I got out of the taxi and he threw the five Riyals at me and went on his way. After lunch, I took a taxi with 5 Riyals to the hospital. I kept searching for him to please him but could not find him. (Part No. 14; Page No. 38) What should I do?

A: If the matter is as you have mentioned and it is difficult to find the taxi driver, you should pay the value of the fee in charity to the poor who deserve it with the intention of it being on behalf of the taxi driver.