Giving a maid out of Zakah

Q: We have an Egyptian housemaid who is a practicing Muslim and memorizes the Qur'an. Due to her bad conditions and accumulated debts, she had to travel and work to have enough money for her children and to pay off her debts, because the creditors do not stop asking her to repay. However, she is unable to pay her debts because of her low salary and that she has to spend on her family; her son who is studying in a university in Egypt and another son is being drafted. Her husband works at a company in Egypt and receives a low salary. Yet, he does not bear any financial responsibilities toward his children and wastes his salary in his personal pleasures, prohibited drinks and other forbidden things. This has led her and her family to sue him for divorce before a court of law in Egypt. Divorce took place, based on a condition he made that he is not responsible for the children. In this way, she became their breadwinner, in addition to her debts which are as follows:8000 Egyptian pounds to buy the share of her husband in the house of which he owns half and she owns the other half. (Part No. 8; Page No. 359) 3700 pounds, the rest of the money for the contractor who built the house.2200 pounds for the lawyer who managed the divorce lawsuit and registered the purchase of half the house from her husband.2500 pounds for buying a motorcycle for her son because the university is very far from the house.Our question: Is it permissible to give her Sadaqah (voluntary charity) or Zakah (obligatory charity) to pay off her debts and relieve her concerns due to these debts? It is important to note that we are sure about the authenticity of these debts. Please answer us. May Allah reward you with all goodness.

A: If the reality is as mentioned by the questioner, then there is nothing wrong in giving your maid Zakah (obligatory charity) to settle her debts. This is based on the fact that she is indebted, and the debtors are one of the deserving recipients of Zakah.May Allah grant us all success. All peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions.