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Paying Zakah to spend it on the poor

Q 1: We are the officials responsible for a non-governmental university "Dar al-`Ulum al-Islamiyyah" and a school of Makhzan al-`Ulum in the city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. Your Eminence, assumingly you are well informed about the two organizations by virtue of the letter sent to you no. (329/Gh. Kh.) dated 26/1/1407AH. We want Your Eminence to give us your Fatwa as both of the university and the school accommodate many students whom we provide with a place for living, food, medical treatment, and books for free.Considering the high expenses required for such matters, is it permissible for us to take from the money allocated for Zakah (obligatory charity) to spend on these students for their living expenses, because they have no other shelter or means of support.I ask your Eminence to give us your Fatwa as soon as possible for our urgent need for such a Fatwa. May Allah reward you.

A: There is no objection to paying Zakah to the said university and school to spend it on the needy and poor students as mentioned in the question.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.