ladangtoto link alternatif k86toto login pragmatic play ladangtoto slot thailand mahjong login k86sport tok99toto login ladangtoto login slot thailand Giving Zakah to a Kafir-Categories of Zakah recipients

Giving Zakah to a Kafir

A: It is not permissible to give non-Muslims Zakah on wealth, Zakah on fruit, or Zakat-ul-Fitr (obligatory charity paid before the Festival of Breaking the Fast) even if they are poor, wayfarers, or indebted. If anyone gives money to non-Muslims, it will not be considered as Zakah. However, it is permissible to give general charity to poor non-Muslims, exchange gifts with them, and do good for them, as long as they do not commit transgressions against Muslims, because Allah (Exalted be He) says: Allâh does not forbid you to deal justly and kindly with those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes. Verily, Allâh loves those who deal with equity. (Part No. 10; Page No. 30) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.