Giving Luqatah in charity

Q: I was walking in the old airport in Jeddah, - which is of course a vacated area, with no inhabitants, only a road for cars - when I found 100 Riyals that had been dropped on the ground. (Part No. 15; Page No. 456) It was difficult to announce it, because this place is in between the city. I therefore need to announce it in all of Jeddah. I was afraid to spend this money, so I gave it as Sadaqah (voluntary charity) to those who have a right to it, and I no longer have the money to announce it. Also, if I did announce it, I would face a problem, because I am a student and I do not have a car. How should I announce it to one million or more people? Please advise me; have I committed a sin?

A: If the matter is as you mentioned, and you gave the money that you found lying on the ground as Sadaqah on behalf of its owner, there is no wrong in doing this and you will not be considered as a sinner. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.