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What is the ruling on a person

Q 18: Sometimes, the Imam (the one who leads congregational Prayer) recites long Surahs (Chapters of Qur'an), during which I become distracted without intending to do so, what should I do in this case? Is it permissible for me to recite certain Ayahs or supplications from the Qur'an? Or should I listen to the Imam's recitation?

A: You should ward off what interrupts you of worldly thoughts and concerns as much as possible, and listen to the Imam's recitation. You should also consider the meanings of what is being recited so that it can fend off such Waswasah (insinuating thoughts from Satan) and benefit from the recitation. Also, you should recite Al-Fatihah and one Surah or some Ayahs of Qur'an in silent and Jahri (loud) prayers, along with considering and learning, perhaps Allah will hold back what interrupts you of distraction. It is also prescribed for you to seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan (Part No. 7; Page No. 38) when you experience Waswasah.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.