Estimating the crops and fruits

Q 1: Is it permissible for a Zakah (obligatory charity) officer sent by the Zakah authority to evaluate the Zakah due on farms and palm trees according to the information reported by the Mu`arrif (overseer of a people/tribe/town that observes and records their actions and helps authorities to enforce the law properly) or according to previous documents of Zakah without actually looking over the farms or the palm trees? Should he examine the money on which Zakah is due directly to ensure that it has reached the Nisab (the minimum amount on which Zakah is due)? Please, advise. May Allah reward you with the best!

A 1 : It is incumbent upon the Zakah officer entrusted by the government to estimate the crops and fruits himself and look over the harvest of farms and palm trees to be assured of their evaluation and whether Zakah is due on it or not; and if it is due, what the exact amount of Zakah is.May Allah grant us success. May Allah's Peace and Blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!