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Drinking blood as a treatment

Q: I know a man who suffers badly from asthma. He sought treatment everywhere inside and outside the Kingdom. He has tried Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, despite his financial conditions. However, he has not found a cure until now. Someone told him that a man treated his son who suffered from the same disease through drinking the blood of a lizard and the son was cured by Allah's will.What is your opinion regarding seeking a remedy through drinking the blood of this animal although the Qur'an states its prohibition. Please, ask Allah to grant us speedy recovery and steadfastness in Islam. It is worth mentioning that this kind of treatment is widespread in the southern region. Some people say that they will seek Allah's forgiveness and repent after drinking this blood.

A: According to the text of the Qur'an, blood is prohibited. It is not permissible to drink it as a kind of treatment, for the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated, Seek medical treatment but avoid unlawful matters. Thanks to Allah, lawful drugs are plentiful. There is no disease that Allah created except that He also has created its cure as mentioned in the Hadith Sahih (authentic Hadith). A patient should seek treatment from specialized doctors together with relying and putting his trust in Allah. (Part No. 25; Page No. 34) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.