Distributing the inheritance among two wives, five daughters, and three sons

Q: A man died and left two wives, five daughters, and three sons. One of his wives took a she-camel and a baby-camel, saying that this was her share in the inheritance. Before his death, the man had given one of his two married daughters six sheep. I hope to receive a detailed answer about the division of the estate.

A: If the reality is as you mentioned, the deceased's debt should be paid off first and his legal will should be executed, if there is any. After this, one-eighth of the remaining estate should be given to the two wives to share it by halves. The remaining portion should be distributed among the sons and daughters; with the male having double the share of the female. The common denominator of the question is eight and its integral factor is 176 shares. Thus, the two wives are to take twenty-two shares; eleven shares for each; each son should take twenty-eight shares, and each daughter should take fourteen shares. The whole estate should be divided accordingly, including the camels and other assets. If a dispute arises between the heirs, the matter should be referred to the Shari`ah court.