Disposing of the remaining money after fulfilling the will

A: The following matters should be kept in mind: 1- Your mother bequeathed you to reconstruct your grandmother's house; 2- Your grandmother had bequeathed your mother to offer an Udhiyah; 3- The house was destroyed and you took the heirs' permission to leave the money she had left for them, which amounts to 1,200 Riyals, and they agreed. Accordingly, you reconstructed that house and (Part No. 16; Page No. 380) handled it according to your mother's bequest; and 4- You reconstructed it from your own money. Then, what the heirs gave was offered by way of donation to the house owner, and what you have spent on the house is considered an execution of your mother's bequest, and you would be considered to have donated to your grandmother. Accordingly, what is to be done first from the revenue of this house, is to restructure it then execute the bequest of the testator, and what is left over should be spent on charitable causes depending on the decision of the legal trustee. These charitable causes include spending it on her poor relatives, for they are more worthy than others. However, if any dispute arises, the legal court should be the arbiter. If the other destroyed house belonging to your grandmother, was attached to the house, then we have declared the ruling for you. However, if it is a part of the estate and is not attached to the endowed house, the matter is up to the heirs; if they permit to attach it to the endowed house, then their ruling is the same. However, if they do not permit this, it is considered an estate that is to be distributed among the heirs according to Allah's way in this regard. May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.