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Dedicating a house as Waqf to one of his daughters, who was given compensation in exchange for the house after his death

Q: My maternal grandfather, ‘Abdullah ibn Sa‘d Al-Sinidy, died and left a small house in Shaqra' and some money. The money was distributed among his heirs; his three daughters and his brothers, but he made his house as a Waqf (endowment) for any of his daughters who are in need. This can be seen from the attached copy of the house document, which includes the text of the Waqf. (Part No. 16; Page No. 115) This house was expropriated in two stages and around 100,000 Riyals was given to me in compensation for this house by the court, after appointing me as a supervisor of this Waqf. Only one of my grandfather’s daughters is alive, my mother, and she - all praise be to Allah - does not need to live in this Waqf house. I have therefore invested the value of this Waqf and slaughter one Ud-hiyah (sacrificial animal offered by non-pilgrims) on behalf of my grandfather every year, according to the text of the Waqf. I add the rest of the revenue to the capital and invest it.The question: is it permissible for me to spend the remainder of the revenue from the Waqf, after the Ud-hiyah, on charitable acts, such as Jihad (fighting in the Cause of Allah), building Masjids (mosques), and repaying my brother’s debts? May Allah grant you blessings in your life and benefit others with your knowledge!

A: You should exert efforts to buy a house to replace the Waqf that was expropriated. This new house should be a permanent Waqf. After buying and renting the new house, you can use the revenue from the rent to buy the Ud-hiyah mentioned in the will. Whatever remains from the revenue should be spent on charitable deeds and doing good, such as helping to build Masjids, giving Sadaqah (voluntary charity) to the poor and the needy, and supporting the Mujahidin (those fighting in the Cause of Allah). You also have to pay for the maintenance and construction required for the Waqf. And Allah knows best! May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.