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Dealing with a mother suffering from a contagious disease

Q: My mother is sick and all the doctors who examined her said that the medical treatment she needs is not available in (Part No. 24; Page No. 440) private hospitals. They recommend that she should be admitted to one of the state-owned hospitals to receive treatment, because the medication she takes is only sedatives and not an effective cure against the disease. My mother is old and she does not want to go to hospital. On our part, we can neither convince nor force her to do so, as she might get angry at us. Nevertheless, the disease is getting worse. I discussed the matter with my elder brother, but to no avail. However, if she is admitted into the hospital, we can no longer see or visit her. We are also concerned about the family's reputation. My mother is suffering terribly from this disease.My question is: Is negligence toward my mother's illness and leaving her without effective medication a kind of benevolence to her? Are we to blame regarding our children who live with her in the same house despite our knowledge that her disease is infectious? Should they be separated from my mother according to the doctors' opinions?

A: We advise you to be dutiful to your mother and to do all that you can to provide her with the possible medical treatment as well as convincing her kindly and benevolently to agree. If she insists on not going to the hospital and you can not bring doctors to her although you do all that you can, there will be no liability on you In sha’a-Allah (if Allah wills).If the doctors decide that her disease is contagious, you have to keep her in a separate, suitable place in the house and not let any of the children approach her. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, Harm (Part No. 24; Page No. 441) should neither be caused nor reciprocated. This is a Hasan (good) Hadith related by Ibn Majah and others.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.

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