Claiming to treat Aids using Jinn

Q 1: In the Al-Majalis Magazine, Issue no. 1168, dated 24/12/1994 AD, pp 4-6, a reporter wrote, "The era of miracles is over and man should believe in nothing but scientific facts that exist around us. After great hesitation I decided to go to a young man who claims he is able to cure AIDS in two minutes and challenges any doctor to add something new to the diagnosis he makes. To my surprise, when I arrived I found that the house of this man, based in Egypt, was crowded with people from many countries and classes. For example, a woman, whose attempts at recovery in Europe failed, visited this man. People from various professions, including lawyers, accountants and teachers, came to this man hoping that he would cure their illness. They do not care about the person who can provide them with treatment, even if he is listed among the swindlers and charlatans. While attending a session of treatment, I could not believe what I saw or understand (Part No. 1; Page No. 260

A: This man is a liar and a charlatan who makes use of people who have a weak mind. Such people who claim they have accidents, experiences and journeys with Jinn increases in number. The story mentioned in this magazine and others stated in a book entitled, 'An Interview with a Muslim Jinni', are some examples of fabrication used to extract money from people. Other people use such stories to cast doubt on the faith of Muslims. Therefore, you should be careful, and remain certain and steadfast in all such things and in all your affairs.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!