Carrying the luggage during Hajj and miscarrying as a result

Q: Twenty-two years ago, I went with my husband and some of my children to perform Hajj while I was in my fourth month of pregnancy. On the night of `Arafah (9th of Dhul-Hijjah) when we were carrying our heavy luggage, I felt some pain in my stomach. On that same night, I miscarried and I buried the fetus without washing it or offering the Funeral Prayer for it. This was towards the end of the fourth month of pregnancy. I have been bleeding since the month of Dhul-Qa`dah. After the miscarriage, I had postpartum bleeding until the end of Hajj. I would like to ask: Am I to blame for the miscarriage? Please bear in mind that I did not wash the fetus or offer the Funeral Prayer for it. I did not tell anyone about it, since it was not intentional. Is my Hajj valid? I performed all the rituals of Hajj while having the postpartum bleeding, even Tawaf-ul-Ifadah (final obligatory circumambulation of the Ka`bah in Hajj). I did not have enough knowledge (Part No. 21; Page No. 340) about these matters at that time. Please enlighten me. May Allah reward you well!

A: If the reality is as you mentioned, that you did not complete the fourth month of pregnancy, there will be no Kaffarah (expiation) due on you for the miscarriage, as the soul is not breathed in the fetus at that time. Based on this, the fetus should not be named or washed and the Funeral Prayer should not be offered for it. However, you bear the sin of causing the miscarriage and you have to perform Tawbah (repentance to Allah), seek Allah's Forgiveness and never do a similar act in the future.Concerning your Hajj, if you are offering Ifrad Hajj (performing Hajj only) or Qiran Hajj (combining Hajj and `Umrah without a break in between) and you have performed Sa`y (going between Safa and Marwah during Hajj) along with Tawaf-ul-Qudum (circumambulation of the Ka`bah on arrival in Makkah), you are only required to perform Tawaf (circumambulation of the Ka`bah) for Hajj. Therefore, you should return to Makkah and perform Tawaf intending it to be for Hajj. Yet if you have not performed Sa`y along with Tawaf-ul-Qudum or you are performing Tamattu` Hajj (`Umrah during the months of Hajj followed by Hajj in the same year with a break in between), you are required to return to Makkah and perform Tawaf intending it to be Tawaf-ul-Ifadah and you should perform Sa`y after it. Taharah (ritual purification) is one of the prerequisites of performing Tawaf, and the previous Tawaf you offered while having the postpartum bleeding does not suffice. Moreover, if your husband has had sexual intercourse with you before you have made up for the Tawaf for Hajj, you are required to sacrifice a sheep and this will be sufficient for you. The sheep should be slaughtered in Makkah and distributed among its poor people because having sexual intercourse with your husband is one of the prohibitions of Ihram (ritual state for Hajj and `Umrah) before the second Tahalul (removal of the ritual state for Hajj). Upon leaving Makkah, you should offer Tawaf-ul-Wada` (circumambulation of the Ka`bah on leaving Makkah). (Part No. 21; Page No. 341) May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.