Bleeding again after her purification and before the passage of forty days

Q 1: I gave birth to a baby a month before Ramadan and became Tahir (ritually pure) from postpartum bleeding. During my Sawm (Fast) in Ramadan, I saw some drops of blood, tending to be yellow in color. This occurred before the forty days had passed (the usual period for postpartum blood). Is it permissible to continue observing Sawm in this case?

A1: If the blood resumes during the forty days after a woman becomes Tahir (ritually pure) from postpartum bleeding, then it is postpartum blood according to the correct scholarly opinion. In this case, the woman should refrain from praying and observing Sawm. After she becomes entirely Tahir (postpartum blood stops completely), she has to make up for the days on which she broke Sawm because of the postpartum bleeding that returned before the forty days had passed.