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A person may give another something

Q: On behalf of my brothers, I dealt with the concerned authorities to issue a seisin document of our agricultural lands. I also referred to the Transportation Department to receive the compensation due as a result of an asphalt road which took part of our lands. Your Eminence, my brothers gave me my share in the compensation in addition to my fees. This act drove the wife and son of one of them to interfere in the matter and utter some provocative words. Since I am diabetic, I took an oath of not taking my share and fees. It is worth mentioning that this woman has no share in our agricultural possessions or the compensation and she only interfered with her son in the matter to give rise to enmity between us, because her husband has agreed to the money given to me. I knew that she meant to interfere to achieve her evil aims. I kept the amount of money given to me aside until you advise me about it and about my oath of not taking anything from it. I ask Allah to grant you a long life. I am eagerly waiting for your answer. As-salamu `alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh (May Allah's Peace, Mercy, and Blessings be upon you!) (Part No. 23; Page No. 19

A: If the reality is as you have mentioned, you must offer a Kaffarah (expiation) for the oath, which is feeding ten Miskins (needy persons) - each one half a Sa` (1 Sa`=3 kg. Approx.) of wheat, dates, or rice - or clothing them, or freeing a believing slave. Your share and fees are not unlawful to you.May Allah grant us success. May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family, and Companions.